Exlusive in Lviv - Raspberry Wine!

We have prepared something special for you: exlusive in Lviv - Raspberry Wine!

Raspberry is definitely the most delicious berry!, Lviv citizens love very much. And every decent Lviv girl from childhood learning to cook a variety of delicacies from raspberries: jam, compotes, cookies...

And every decent Lviv man likes to drink Malynivka =), tincture of raspberry on traditional Galician recipes. We combined the talents of Lviv girls and the love of Lviv men - and so was criated a monobrand shop-cafe "Malynivka".

Tastes of Raspberry Wine

From tinctures you will taste the classic Raspberry, Forest Raspberry, Raspberry with Pepper, Raspberry Mulled Wine, Raspberry on Grappa, Honey & Raspberry, Raspberry & Blackberry, Raspberry with Ginger Tincture, as well as Raspberry Liquore and Special Raspberry Vodka. And, of course, jam, confiture, raspberry chocolate, raspberry honey, raspberries in chocolate.

Everything is very tasty and made with love in Galicia!

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